SharpsPixley analyst RossNorman pointed out that gold is difficult to stand above 1,700, and the dollar may determinPrecious metal sales red dote the outlook for gold. The gold market tends to calm down in the first week of December, and some investors will begin to lock in full-year profits.

Yesterday, the Gold Exchange issued the "Notice on Adjusting the Margin Ratio of Gold Deferred Contracts", which increased the margin of gold (T+D) contracts. While the price of gold is hitting record highs, the actions of the Gold Exchange show that the market has realized the risk of high gold prices. The Gold Exchange has entered a risk prevention stage for gold prices.

The entities involved in underground gold speculation generally involve companies that use the name of a certain investment management company or a certain gold merchant to engage in underground gold speculation operations using the contacts and trading platforms accumulated over many years of gold market operation experience. Wang Ruilei, chief analyst of Gosell Gold, told reporters. The reporter understands that in fact, domestic underground gold speculation companies are mainly divided into two categories, one is the domestic agency of Hong Kong and overseas companies, and the other is the illegal company that sets up its own trading platform in the mainland, as in the Zhang Yong case. .

After in-depth adjustments in early May, precious metals gold and silver have undergone some adjustments, especially silver, which has fallen by more than 25% in just a few days. In addition, well-known investors Soros and Buffett have recently continued to express their views on gold. , Allowing investors to invest in precious metals.

According to the report, the US’s successively lower-than-expected macroeconomic data released last week has shaken global economic confidence. Coupled with the European Central Bank’s announcement that it will suspend interest rate hikes until June, the market’s concerns about rising inflation have eased, weakening the precious metals’ Inflation hedging function. In view of this, Standard Bank tends to believe that international gold prices have a further downward trend and may fall to close to $1,450 per ounce.

Recently, the panic selling caused by the sharp drop in silver led to a continuous decline in international gold prices. However, as Standard & Poor’s downgraded Greece’s sovereign debt rating, market demand for Precious metal sales red dothedging has risen again, coupled with the weakening of the U.S. dollar, international gold prices have returned to above the $1,500 per ounce mark. . In this regard, financial experts pointed out that in the long run, the price of gold is still expected to maintain an upward pattern, and ordinary investors may wish to use the fixed investment gold fund to share the benefits of the long-term rise of gold.