In addition, Congressman Creighton of Pennsylvania and others submitted the "Monetary Action Act" (Bill No. HB1690) on June 17, and the House Finance Committee is currently investigating the proposal. The bill clarifies that gold and silver coins should be regarded as legal tender; gold and silver coins should Precious metal sales Sheridan wynot be subject to any capital gains tax during the circulation process.

The Brazil World Cup opened early this morning, Beijing time. The first game was hosted by Brazil against the European powerhouse Croatia. The world’s major financial institutions made predictions about the winners of this World Cup. Goldman Sachs believes that Brazil has a 48.5% chance of winning this World Cup, followed by Argentina and Germany, with 14.1% and 11.4% chances of winning. Deutsche Bank predicts that the England team from the birthplace of modern football will eventually win the championship. As for the financial market trends during the World Cup, most institutions gave pessimistic forecasts. The main reason is that analysts will spend a lot of energy watching the World Cup. The market predicts that the Hong Kong stock market will continue the World Cup curse, recording a decline during the one-month match.

Judging from the position data recently released by the world’s largest gold ETF-SPDRGoldTrust, as of the close of this Tuesday, the ETF’s gold holdings fell to 1,094.54 tons, a decrease of 15.27 tons from the closing time on Monday, while the SPDR’s value in the past month Gold holdings have fallen sharply by nearly 40 tons.

Standard Bank (StandardBank) released a precious metals daily report on Tuesday, saying that overnight gold dragged down the remaining precious metals. Paulson and Co., a large US hedge fund, sharply reduced its SPDR Gold Trust holdings in the third quarter, which became a catalyst for the decline in gold. Although the news has been widely anticipated before, it still weighs precious metals in the uncertain environment facing the Eurozone.

On April 28, the margin ratio announced on the official website of Shenzhen Development Bank was 21%, and the gold exchange announced it was 16%. However, the margin ratio of Mr. Yang's account was lower than the former and the latter. A few days later, Mr. Yang did not make up the security deposit in time, and the bank forcedly liquidated the 18 lots of silver in his account. This was in line with the agreement between the two parties and the bank should not be liable for compensation.

The positive US economic data released on Friday (16th) triggered market speculation about the acceleration of the US economic recovery and the acceleration of the Fed's withdrawal of quantitative easing. Precious metals were under pressure to decline. Data information shows tPrecious metal sales Sheridan wyhat London Gold opened at US$1,296.18 on the same day and hit a four-trading-day low of US$1287.63. But then protected by the risk aversion triggered by the situation in Ukraine, prices stopped falling and rebounded. As of the close, the decline narrowed to US$2.53 (0.2%) and closed at US$1,293.22. Spot silver opened at 19.50 US dollars, and then fell all the way down, as low as 19.25 US dollars, as of the close, at 19.47 US dollars, down 0.11 US dollars, or 0.56%.

Spot gold rebounded slightly from last week's closing price of $1,658.20 in the Asia-Pacific market on Monday (January 28) to above the 1660 integer mark, and then fell back below the mark again. The failure of the gold price to break through the US$1,700 mark once triggered a technical sell-off, coupled with the recent signs of global economic recovery that have boosted market optimism, and the decline in safe-haven demand has led to continued pressure on gold prices.