In addition, Buffett also said that despite the Fed’s pressure to raise interest rates, the U.S. real estate market will begin to recover from next year, which will help the U.S. economic growth, and Berkshire Hathaway will also increase its investment Related expenses in the US real estate market. Similar to Buffett’s views, US President Barack Obama was optimistic about the prospects of the US economy this year in his annual economic report to Congress. This annual economic report believes that 2010 is the year of recovery for the US economy and believes that the recovery process will continue this year. However, Obama still stated that the unemployment raPrecious metal sales opportunitieste of 9% in the United States is unacceptable and the government's primary task is to create jobs. Therefore, the results of non-agricultural data that will be released this week will become the focus of attention.

The price of silver futures for delivery in September rose 19.3 cents to close at $39.307 per ounce, an increase of 0.5%. The platinum futures price for delivery in October rose slightly by 0.5 US dollars per ounce to close at 1797.2 US dollars, an increase of 0.03%.

It rises like a flame, and falls like a waterfall. When the market was immersed in the frenzied rise, changes in the international gold price suddenly struck. Last Friday, the price of gold in London plummeted 3.85% in a single day to $1161 per ounce. From December 7th to 11th, the international gold price continued to fluctuate and fall. Affected by this, domestic gold prices also trended. It was not until this Friday that there was a slight rebound. The futures exchange gold 1006 contract finally closed at 250.70 yuan/g, down 15.10 yuan from last Friday. /G, a weekly decline of 5.68%.

The recent drop in gold prices probably only reflects the rise in the dollar. In the long run, in the few years since the global financial crisis, gold is still one of the few assets that can bring double-digit returns every year. Since the factors that support the rise in gold prices still exist, the price of gold is expected to eventually rise to US$2,000 per ounce or even higher. Hang Seng Treasury Department said.

In terms of holdings, as of May 5, 2010, the total holdings of the world’s 7 largest gold ETFs amounted to 1424.252 tons, an increase of 6.66 tons compared with the previous trading day, setting a new record high, and the world’s largest gold ETF--SPDRGoldTrust is the latest According to data, as of May 5, SPDR gold holdings increased by 7 tons to 1,166 tons, a record high once again. Last week, the ETF Masukura was close to 20 tons of gold, continuously rewriting historical records. The continuous record of historical holdings shows that investors still maintain strong investment demand for gold.

In terms of geopolitics, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov yesterday said in a speech on the situation in Ukraine that if the Kiev authorities end their military operations in the southeast, the militias in the region will also cease operations. However, the current situation has prePrecious metal sales opportunitiesvented both parties from communicating normally, which is very likely to expand the situation in the future and have serious consequences. In addition, Lavrov warned that if Ukraine signs a joint agreement with the European Union, Russia will cancel its most-favoured-nation trade mechanism. Regarding the establishment of humanitarian corridors in southeastern Ukraine, Lavrov gave support, but also warned Poroshenko not to equate the establishment of humanitarian corridors with military operations.