In addition, in the brand counters of Luk Fook and Chow Tai Fook, although platinum jewelry is notPrecious metal putty priced by weight, but the price is jointly marked by platinum, craftsmanship and other expenses, but the sales staff introduced that because the production process is different, even if the number of grams is the same The price of platinum jewelry is also different. If you have to calculate by weight, the price of these platinum jewelry is also between 500 yuan and 600 yuan per gram.

February 20, Asian Market, Singapore. The price of gold is hovering above US$1,600, and there is no significant upward sign. At 0:00 GMT, spot gold was quoted at US$1605.20, an increase of US$0.6, or 0.05%. Recently, due to the eye-catching performance of the global stock market, many investors have shifted their attention and funds from the commodity market to the stock market, resulting in a continued downturn in metal trading volume. Some technical analysts said that if gold falls below the $1,600 integer mark, it may trigger more selling and the price will move to near $1,550. And if it stabilizes and breaks through the 5-day moving average suppression, it may rebound to around $1634. The S&P500 index rose to a 5-year high. This is the longest consecutive rise since January 2011. At the same time, gold has fallen more than 4% recently. Yesterday, Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart said that although the US economy continues to improve, the Fed’s quantitative easing policy for the labor market is still appropriate and essential. Prior to this, Cleveland Federal Reserve Chairman Sandra Pianalto said that if US data continues to improve, the Fed may reconsider the scale of quantitative easing at the end of the year. The current market transactions are stable, and investors are waiting for the minutes of the Federal Reserve meeting to be announced at 3 am Beijing time on the 21st. The argument about monetary policy may guide the direction of gold for some time in the future. The current US$85 billion monthly asset purchase plan in the United States has made the economy somewhat better, but it has caused uncertainty in interest rates and credit, and at the same time boosted inflation expectations.

Unfortunately, the US government is made up of politicians from different political parties. They represent that the country has a variable budget and a tendency to become popular. Their role is to meet people's needs, but people's needs are often inconsistent with a stable and constant measure of value. Structurally, there is a conflict between these two concepts. Therefore, this experiment has a time limit from the beginning.

In addition, institutional buying has been relatively active recently. As of November 4, the world’s largest gold exchange fund (ETF) SPDRGoldTrust’s gold holdings increased by 1.51 tons to a level of 1245.06 tons; the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) announced Data show that last week the US gold futures net long position increased by 9,433 hands to 148,279 hands.

In terms of trading hours, the gold market is a 24-hour global market, and volatility is also positively linked with the participation of funds from all continents. Investment expert Mr. Huang said that the two regions with the largest trading funds in the world are Europe and the United States. The evening in Beijing time is also the opening time in the afternoon in Europe and the morning in the United States. This will bring the largest and most mainstream volatility period in the market. This time is Suitable for trading. As far as time zone is concerned, it has a unique advantage, because this time period will not delay investors' work and sleep. After 24:00 Beijing time, basically a trading day is over.

From 2001 to the present, the currency has been depreciating, which is the primary factor supporting the rise in the price of gold. Also in the past 10 years, the prices of major global commodities have risen sharply, and Precious metal puttygold as a commodity will naturally rise; since 2005, global investment in gold The high enthusiasm led to the increase in demand for gold, and a large amount of funds began to enter the gold market, which further pushed up the price of gold; after the outbreak of the international financial crisis, gold became the hardest asset in the entire financial crisis, attracting more funds to enter.

There are two main types of people who invest in the gold market. One is professional investors. They have a large amount of funds and have long-term attention to gold price trends. They do short-term trading in the gold futures or gold T+D market by doing long or short. This group of people often expect that the gold market should have greater volatility, and only then will there be trading opportunities; the other type of people are amateur investors who buy part of their family assets into physical gold, pursuing the preservation and appreciation of gold. Features. Mr. Zhang, who has worked hard in the gold market for nearly 10 years, told reporters that the current price of gold cannot rise or fall, and the lack of short-term trading opportunities has reduced the interest of both types of investors in gold. Recently, gold trading has been relatively flat. It is inevitable.

Barclays Capital said on Tuesday that the price of gold is expected to retreat to US$1,500/ounce before rebounding to US$1,700/ounce and will be supported at US$1,450/ounce. The bank said it still said it was bullish on gold. The current macro gold uncertainty is good for gold prices, and pointed out that the current key is whether physical buying needs in Asia respond to prices.