According to the may report of cryptocurrency trader sfox on the cryptocurrency market, participants in the cryptocurrency market are waiting for the event of halving. Investors are turning to the traditional financial market. As of May 4, the correlation between BTC and the S & P 500 index is still 0.40, which is still positive. The April returns of Eth and etc are higher than those of other major cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, which may be related to increased interest in defi and stable currencies. On the other hand, sfox's Monex precious metals prices"multi factor market index" has shifted from a mild bearish to a neutral.

With the help of the "OK" solution, the exchange can become a full set of deep asset sharing solutions with other banks. At that time, 100 exchanges will be launched simultaneously. Under the empowerment of the plan, a number of autonomous, efficient and transparent high-level digital asset exchanges are expected to appear in the digital money market. In several years of growth and operation, okex has accumulated valuable operation experience and core technology, and these intangible assets are undoubtedly a great gospel for blockchain entrepreneurs. In the case of limited team resources and personnel, the new blockchain forces can quickly complete the rush with the help of okex, complete the docking with the high-quality resources of the currency circle, and solve the liquidity shortage problem that new projects may face when they are cold started. After boarding the aircraft carrier okex, the project team formally joined the blockchain navigation in full swing. Any Unicorn enterprise will gradually evolve in its advantageous battlefield, completing the gorgeous transformation from "participant" to "ecological builder". Exchange empowerment will standardize the development of the currency circle and raise the threshold of competition to serve users. For a period of time, the uneven digital currency exchanges at home and abroad have become a sword hanging on the top of the coin circle investors. The problems of network delay, network hackers and server crash caused by excessive trading have troubled investors and young project teams. At present, okex chooses to open full link solutions to high-quality teams, which is undoubtedly an industry gospel. This disruptive innovation is equivalent to providing a high-quality infrastructure for the entrepreneurial team, allowing the team to focus more resources on project and product development. Okexokcoinokb xuxingokt oklinkokt oklinkokt okoklinkoklink okokokx mining pool okokokchain okexchain okexdexokex trading chain okokexchain check out more activities hosted by CEO Jay Hao in myidu community. On the theme of future industry development trend, more convenient and open defo services will also be the focus of okchain in the second half of the year. At the same time, Jay Hao also said that whether it is the gradual maturity of the technical level or the growing demand side, DFI will surely attract more and more attention.

The transaction protocol 0x0x is based on the transaction open protocol of Ethereum block. Through Ethereum's smart contract creation. X introduces the concept of relay. Relayer can be understood as any market maker, exchange, DAPP, etc. that implements the protocol of X and provides off chain ledger services. Exchange open source protocol based on Ethereum blockchain. This agreement is created through Ethereum's smart contract, which allows anyone to open and run exchanges, greatly reducing the difficulty of operating digital assets and token exchanges. In addition, the world in the future is likely to become a token. It will become an economic model for companies or other organizations in the future. At present, it is only the token used by blockchain companies for early financing. However, in the future, all assets can be token, including stocks, cars, houses and other assets of all companies. Tokenization will expand assets thousands of times, and there is a strong demand for transactions. In the end, X wants to be an enabling driver so that transactions between erc-20 tokens can be completed without any third party. It is designed to solve the interoperability, management problems, open standardization, technical infrastructure and secure transaction function of smart contract and dapps. As stated in the white paper, x x is a network protocol used to promote the transmission of information between buyers and sellers It aims to serve as an open standard for de Chinese applications combined with transaction functions. The rapid iteration and lack of practical experience make the blockchain dispersed into a variety of specific applications,

Further improve the protection of transaction address. Lokiloki check more network (Loki) announced the launch of the cross chain flash cash service blockswap, which allows users to directly convert any encrypted assets in the blockswap liquidity pool into other assets, such as converting bitcoin into Ethereum, XmR to Loki, usdt to bitcoin, etc. Blockswap uses some familiar defi concepts (such as liquidity pool), but Loki also refers to some new elements, such as vault node and quotation, web front end that can access two sites at the same time, anonymous function, etc. Blockswap supports the direct exchange of cross chain assets, and does not rely on wrapped erc-20 tokens or other synthetic assets to realize cross chain exchange. Five or more steps are not required to exchange assets. Users don't need any special wallets or other software. All you need is a browser, the asset, and the wallet address to exchange the asset. All liquidity pools of blockswap are secured by Loki. Using the universal quote and state machine mechanism, the exchange process does not even require a Loki wallet. In addition, the privatewap mode of blockswap allows users to use Loki blockchain to protect their privacy. In this mode, funds will be temporarily stored on the Loki blockchain, and then swapped out in the form of blocks, thus effectively ensuring the privacy of participants. Currently, the feasibility of this mode is being studied. According to block123, Loki's core goal is anonymous privacy transactions, which is based on monero, but only uses monero privacy technology to lay a service node network for part of its functions, so as to realize private communication on Loki network. Loki has improved the monero technology. Learning from dash node reward system, Loki allocates rewards to nodes according to the percentage, which not only provides greater network flexibility, but also acts as an auxiliary network.

After the launch of katalyst, KNC holders can participate in kyber's chain governance by pledging KNC to vote on important proposals and parameters, and at the same time, they can also obtain benefits.

Yam initially set a price of $1 per piece. Lianwen previously reported that yamfinance made the initial token distribution at 3:00 a.m. today, and distributed 2 million initial tokens to 8 pledge pools on average, each with 250000. The initial token distribution will last for 7 days. At 3:00 a.m. on August 13, yam will make a second distribution (3 million pieces) through the yam / ycrvuniswap fund pool, 1.5 million pieces wiMonex precious metals pricesll be allocated in the first week, and then reduced by 50% every week thereafter.

Chainlink network is a distributed network of chainlink nodes, which directly transmits the use of specific data, API and various offline payment functions to smart contracts. With Chainlink, you can call one or more databases in a contract to query the data you need. The chainlink network consists of two independent parts, on chain and out chain, which must interact to provide services. The network is built in such a way that it can be upgraded, so it can replace its different components as better technologies and technologies emerge. The components on the chain of the network filter Oracle based on the measurement of the request of one party of the smart contract through the service level agreement SLA. Using these metrics, chainlink collects responses to SLA queries, sorts them using reputation and aggregation models, and provides the final aggregate results of chainlink queries that may be implemented into smart contracts. When you enter "interest rate" in the chainlink search box, you will see that there are more than 50 data streams to choose from. Copy and paste the required data into your smart contract. After database developers connect API with chainlink, they can get link token every time someone calls their database. The chainlink team is from smartcontract,

According to Hu Zhiwei, research director of IrisNet, on twitter, "IrisNet has launched the coinswap function similar to uniswap in the main network upgrade last year, and will be further optimized and improved based on cosmosdk and IBC Cross Chain Protocol in the future. "