In addition, Buffett also said that despite the Fed’s pressure to raise interest rates, the U.S. real estate market will begin to recover from next year, which will help the U.S. economic growth, and Berkshire Hathaway will also increase its investment Related expenses in the US real estate market. Similar to Buffett’s views, US President Barack Obama was optimistic about the prospects of the US economy this year in his annual economic report to Congress. This annual economic report believes that 2010 is the year of recovery for the US economy and believes that the recovery process will continue this year. However, Obama still stated that the unemployment rate of 9% in the United Stateskitco precious metals futures prices is unacceptable and the government's primary task is to create jobs. Therefore, the results of non-agricultural data that will be released this week will become the focus of attention.

The main drivers of the soaring silver market are likely to be international savings banks such as JPMorgan Chase and HSBC. Their important task is to use gold from central banks such as the United Kingdom and the United States to suppress gold prices in order to maintain the rule of the dollar. However, the gold that the British and American central banks can use to suppress the price of gold is exhausted, and central banks such as China, Russia, and India have increased their gold holdings. Traditional tactics have failed.

But enjoying low prices also has a price. The policy of the silver material supplier Hongqi Company is: a 15 kg silver ingot, a deposit of 50,000 yuan is required to order one, and the delivery is 3-5 days later, and the settlement is based on the price on the deposit date. This is similar to the margin trading of futures. The difference is that Hongqi has neither set a warning line nor a stop loss point, but simply absorbs margin.

At 18:32 Beijing time, spot gold was reported at US$1,593.86 per ounce, which had previously set a record of US$1,593.90 per ounce; COMEX gold futures reported US$1,594.50 per ounce. Since this month, gold has risen by more than 6%, and is expected to record nine consecutive days on the daily line, the longest rise since October 2006.

Wet said: The factors supporting gold prices are no longer there, but we have not seen many unfavorable factors in the market. But to put it simply, buying is still going on, and I won’t be surprised if the price of gold falls further in the next few days. If the price of gold falls below $1,650, there is also a possibility.

JamesSteel: We are bullish on the gold market in the medium to long term. The average international spot gold price in 2011 was US$1525 per ounce, but this year’s fluctuation range is very large, and it may reach US$1600 per ounce in the next few months. In 2012, the average price will fall back to around US$1500 per ounce, but the flukitco precious metals futures pricesctuation range will be Narrower than this year.

The New York Times quoted insider information from people familiar with the matter as saying that the group's spin-off of S&P was an important fuse for Sharma's departure. Since Sharma served as Executive Vice President of S&P in 2006, he has made outstanding contributions to S&P's performance growth. After the spin-off of S&P, Sharma’s business scope was cut by nearly half, which also cast a shadow over his promotion to group company president. Sharma began to retreat from then.